Easy Marshmallow Fondant for Cake Decorating

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A cake that is decorated with fondant to look like the head of a panda. On a white marble countertop with a turquoise shell tile background.


You might’ve heard, I had a birthday on Tuesday. I’m a whole quarter of a century now! It wouldn’t be a pandemic without a panda cake, so that is exactly what I made for myself.

Actually, the panda cake had nothing to do with the pandemic, I just really love pandas.

I made marshmallow fondant, because in my opinion, marshmallow fondant tastes much better than other fondants and it’s super easy. You literally only need a bag of mini marshmallows, powdered sugar and water. However, it is super sticky, so if you don’t want it to stick to your hands or your counter top, I would also recommend having some Crisco on hand.


My Twin Cities Restaurant Favorites!

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Keefer Court & My Huong Kitchen


Baked Char Siu Bao (Chinese BBQ Pork Bun) from Keefer Court


2020 has been a big bummer so far am I right? One of my favorite things is going to restaurants, and believe it or not, I haven't been to a restaurant since March 16th, 2020. But my birthday is today, so I decided to get takeout this weekend, for the first time in over 8 months! I went to my two very favorite spots that I have missed dearly!! Keefer Court and My Huong Kitchen. I hope this video makes you want to check them out too!

Thanksgiving Turkey Cake Pops!

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Three turkey cake pops with candy eyeballs, orange candy chip beaks, cinnamon heart gobbles and candy corn feathers in a hand against a white marble wall.


Thanksgiving always seems to sneak up on me. After Halloween ends, everyone just skips right to Christmas. Don’t get me wrong, I love Christmas. But my birthday is in November and then Thanksgiving is the week after. It always just seems like there is so much going on. Well, usually so much going on, maybe not this year. Unlike Christmas, Thanksgiving is a weird holiday for desserts. Of course, you’ve got pumpkin pie, which, don’t get me wrong, is a favorite! And then you’ve got pecan pie… but what else is there really? Oh wait, apple pie... How about something that isn’t a pie? Yes, you could make all of the above pies into bar form, but that’s sort of boring. Since I’m already on this cake pop kick, I decided I’m also going to show you how to make Turkey cake pops!

How to Make Basic Cake Pops!

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Turquoise cake pops with white and shiny round, gray sprinkles in a hand in front of a marble background.


I had such an amazing response to my Halloween Cake Pops video on YouTube, thank you so much for the over 1.7k views! As you all know, I’m not able to do much acting work right now, so all of your views, likes and subscriptions to my channel help more than you know, to boost my channel.

With that being said, I realized, that for people who have never made a cake pop before, I might’ve jumped the gun just a teensy bit. So, I went back and made a basic cake pop video for beginners. In this video I really break down every step I take, including some of my pro tips and tricks.

Halloween Charcuterie Board!

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A Halloween Charcuterie Board filled with pumpkin deviled eggs, a brie tombstone, cheese stick crosses, candy corns, a boursin cheese monster, grape tomatoes, crackers, craisins and salami


Have you checked your Halloween countdown?! Well we are 4 days away! Maybe I’m the only one counting down, but I’m pretty much latching on for dear life to whatever I can celebrate these days. If you’re anything like me, you probably do things very last minute and most likely don’t have anything planned food-wise or costume-wise for this weekend…

That is where I will come in to save the day! If you haven’t looked at my previous two blog posts, you’ll also want to give them a peep. I have easily laid out how to make Halloween Cake Pops and Pumpkin Deviled Eggs. Both are just as delicious as they are cute!!

Pumpkin Deviled Eggs!

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A white rectangular platter on a marble countertop, filled with deviled eggs resembling pumpkins.


Halloween is looking a little different this year. Maybe you're choosing to trick-or-treat socially distantly or maybe you're avoiding the crowds and having #HalloweenAtHome this year. We're all trying to make it work! That's why I'm posting a recipe for Pumpkin Deviled Eggs today! Just because we're in a pandemic, doesn't mean we can't have some spooky holiday spirit!

Halloween Cake Pops!

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A hand holds up mummy and pumpkin cake pops in front of a white marble background. The photo reads, "Halloween Cake Pops!" in the upper left corner and "hugh eats with you" in the bottom right corner.


Wowza. Nothing was spookier than that blizzard the other day! Am I right Minnesota? Or should I say Minne-SNOW-ta?! HA. Ha. Never heard that one before… Word on the street is we’re in for another one today! If that’s the case, then I hope you popped into the store to grab my list of ingredients/supplies (see below) because my Halloween Cake Pop video tutorial went live today! So, grab your cocoa and some fuzzy socks for a day of spooky baking! And if you’re somewhere warm, good for you! Try to pretend you’re cold.