Back to School: Pencil Pretzels

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A notebook with bright pink and orange post-it notes, topped with a school lunch apple. A chocolate covered pencil pretzel sits on top of the notebook, with two others to the right.


Wow time flies in quarantine! My apologies for not posting the past two weeks but I have been busy! Which is a nice contrast to the beginning of this pandemic. Many of you know that I got accepted into the Professional Training Company at the Actors Theatre of Louisville as an acting apprentice for the 2020/2021 season. We have been working on some fun projects and one of them actually goes LIVE TODAY (Sept. 17th)!

Fermentation Frenzy: Everything You Ever Needed to Know About Kimchi

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I love experimenting with food, and not just your usual stuff. I like to venture off the beaten path. My gateway into experimenting with “weird foods” at home was Kombucha. More recently I even taught myself how to bake sourdough, when yeast was hard to come by at the grocery store. My latest venture? Kimchi.

I love when making food overlaps with science. You may not think about this much but, all cooking/baking is like an experiment. Why do you think bakers are so precise in their measurements? Because the wrong amount of one ingredient can make a big difference. You’ll be relieved to hear that, unlike some baked goods, this kimchi recipe is pretty fool proof.


Jars of kimchi on a granite background.

Have you heard, it’s Tomato Season!?

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If you have a vegetable garden or you’ve been to your local market lately, then you’re probably aware that tomatoes are at their peak right now. Which is precisely why I figured today is the perfect day to share my beloved Bruschetta recipe with you all!


Tomato Bruschetta in an antique glass bowl