Thin Mint Shamrock Shake Ice Cream Cake!

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In the foreground sits a melty piece of ice cream cake. It is mint green with layers of cookie crust and fudge layered in, with whipped cream and another thin mint cookie on top. In the background against a subway tile backsplash, you can see the rest of the full cake.


I have been a Girl Scout Cookie fan all my life. I also was a Girl Scout for several years as a kid. My mom was one of my troupe leaders and helped me earn enough badges to receive my Bronze award. If you’re not familiar with Girl Scouts, it’s basically an extracurricular activity in which kids can learn about all sorts of topics and activities as well as take part in various volunteer work in their community. Even though I can’t remember everything I did in Girl Scouts, I remember I had a lot of fun!

National Peanut Butter Lover's Day!

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Here's your go to guide for all things peanut butter on my blog!


Among Us Crewmate Cookies

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Among us cookies in the colors red, yellow, green and blue, laying on a marble countertop.


I'm going to be completely honest, these sugar cookies are no different than my classic sugar cookie recipe. I just gave them a little update for a friend's birthday gift! If you haven't heard already, Among Us is a super popular game right now. I'm not going to age myself and pretend I have any idea what I'm talking about in regards to this game. But apparently, these adorable little Crewmates do some not so cute things... Ultimately game players try to figure out who is "sus" (suspicious) and eventually confront the imposter, hence the song on my video.

Vegan Samoas Toffee

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On a white marble countertop, there is a rectangular piece of parchment paper. On top of it, there are pieces of Samoas Vegan Toffee. There are chocolate chips, pieces of coconut and in the upper righthand corner, a small white bowl of melted chocolate and a small spatula lying on the parchment paper with melty chocolate on the tip.

Vietnamese Fresh Spring Rolls!

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There are three Vietnamese Spring Rolls on a square, white plate. The roll in the middle is cut in half so we can see the shrimp, vegetables, pork and noodle inside. The plate is garnished with a sprig of mint leaf. On the diagonal sides, we see a peanut dipping sauce, sprinkled with crushed peanuts and sriracha on the lower left and a lighter brown colored sauce with floating pieces of mince garlic on the upper right. This is all on top of a white marble countertop.


It’s getting to be about that time of the winter where I’ve had enough of the cold weather and am looking forward to Spring! Maybe it’s the fact that I’ve had to stay in even more than usual this winter? In order to manifest the Spring weather into Minnesota, I decided to make Vietnamese Spring Rolls. I don’t think there’s another dish that could be more of a blatant sign to Mother Nature to give us a break from this cold! So, join in with me and get into the springy mood with these delicious Spring Rolls!

How to Make Basic French Macarons!

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Purple, pink and red macarons, on a mini pedestal in front of a subway tile backsplash and more macarons in the background on a marble countertop.


Looking for a fun Valentine's/Galentine's date idea? Why not make some of these GORGEOUS French Macarons?! I know macarons can be intimidating, but in this video, I completely break it down for you so you can make this delectable bakery staple at home! Read my more in depth blog post on the process of macrons here!

Peanut Butter Dessert Wontons!

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Looking for something to do with your extra wonton wrappers lying around after the Lunar New Year? Well here's the perfect excuse to dessert-ify them with my Peanut Butter Dessert Wontons! And they're served with my delicious, and decadent Chocolate Ganache Dipping Sauce!