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I posted a photo of a drink I made for myself on Christmas, and it has come to my attention that some of you are interested in the recipe. That's why today I'm sharing my secrets to my Pomegranate Mule! 

I was a fan of Ginger Beer lllloooonnnnggg before it became trendy. I also drank it before I even knew what a Moscow Mule was. For those unfamiliar, most ginger beer contains no actual alcohol. But, there are a few brands that do, like Crabies. However, today we're talking about about the non-alcoholic kind. I love ginger beer in it's truest form. It's spicier than ginger ale and has a little bit of a bite. I'll be honest though, it's not for everyone - my Mom is not a fan - too spicy for her. But if you love ginger, you'll love ginger beer and you'll love Mules even more. A Moscow Mule is basically ginger beer, lime, and vodka garnished with lime and sometimes mint. It will change your world. Also, you can make it a mocktail without vodka and it's honestly just as good because the ginger beer is the standout component. Today we're taking a festive spin on the Moscow Mule and making my Pomegranate Mules! Side note: pomegranates are loaded with antioxidants, so don't your dare feel guilty about this one!


Pro Tips for Making Pomegranate Mules

Honestly, mules are not hard to make at all. This post/recipe is more of a guide with pro tips on the best products I prefer to make the drink with. As I said, Ginger Beer is the standout component in this beverage. I have tried a ton of ginger beers, and I mean a TON - like at every restaurant/grocery store I go to. My favorites include, Bundaberg, an Australian ginger beer. You can also buy this one in bulk at Costco. And my all time favorite is Bruce Cost Ginger Ale, from Brooklyn, New York. Literally, nothing compares to this. They call it "ginger ale" but in my opinion, it fits into the ginger beer family because of how spicy it is. However, I'm sure things are categorized as beer based on how they're brewed. Regardless, it's more expensive because you have to buy it in smaller quantities. The reason I love it is because there is a ton of gingery sediment floating around at the bottom of your bottle, which means it's the real deal and gives you tons of ginger flavor!!! As far as the pomegranate juice for our Pomegranate Mule, hands down, you must use Pom Wonderful. Honestly, does another pomegranate juice even exist? If you do know some other brand, I'm still going to recommend Pom Wonderful. Not only am I brand loyal, but this is an outstanding product that is 100% juice! They're not even paying me to say this. Look at your mixers next time you're deemed the family bartender and see how many of your "juices" are actually watered down with other crap. Another pro tip I'm going to give you is, don't skimp on the lime, and don't buy a bottle of "lime juice" because that shit is not lime juice. That is some nasty, watered down, artificially flavored, artificially colored alien juice. As far as your vodka goes, chose whatever floats your boat, I don't drink that much and quite frankly when you mix vodka with a sweetened soda it disappears in my opinion. But I hear Grey Goose and Kettle One are a safe bet. Overall among it's many meanings as a symbol, pomegranates stand for abundance and I hope you have a truly abundant New Year!



happy drinking!




Pomegranate Mule Recipe (Video on my Tiktok)


- Juice of one lime

- lime slices for garnish

- 1 pomegranate (for a handful of seeds)

- 1 shot pomegranate juice (Pom Wonderful)

- 1 shot vodka

- Ginger Beer (Bundaberg or Bruce Cost)

Optional: Mint leaves



1. Grab a glass or copper mug and fill generously with ice.

2. Juice a lime and add it to your glass.

3. Cut off the tip of your pomegranate. Score the sides of your pomegranate to create about 5 sections. Starting from the middle, pull  your pomegranate open. Simply remove the seeds by scraping/pulling them out. Add a handful to your glass.

4. Put a few slices of lime in your glass. Optional: ass mint leaves.

5. Add your pomegranate juice and vodka

6. Fill the rest of your glass with ginger beer & enjoy!

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