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HA! Gotcha, sorry to disappoint, but Toddy is not my boyfriend. I’m such a trickster. Toddy is my Cold Brew System, and possibly the coffee industries best kept secret. It's up there on my list of top kitchen products and it has quite literally changed my life. If you’re a coffee drinker, it will probably change yours too.

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If you don’t already know, Toddy is the name of the brewing system used for Starbucks Cold Brew Coffee along with many other popular coffee chains. These mainstream franchises use a much larger industrial version of the Toddy, but they also developed a personal model for at home use. I worked at Starbucks during college in Duluth, MN and up until mid-February of 2020 in NYC. When I began working there in college, cold brew was just getting popular and it quickly became liquid gold.

I often opened up the store with two other partners (that's what Starbs calls their employees). And it was EARLY. The store would open at 4:30 am which meant I had to be there at 4:00 am, which meant I had to be awake by at least 3:30 am. Gross, I know. I used to think the drive-thru at my store in Duluth was busy, but I had no idea what I had gotten myself into with my NYC store located right next to a subway platform. The only way I was able to survive the early morning rushes (and some of those early morning customers) was because of free coffee. Specifically, cold brew. It was a way for me to get my caffeine fix without all of the unnecessary sugars in other drinks. Side note: ALL of the non-dairy milks at Starbucks have added sugars! I don't work there anymore so I've got nothing to lose. But Starbucks was not where I discovered the Toddy. I actually received my Toddy as a high school graduation gift (thanks Paul & Eileen)! For a coffee lover like me, it truly is the gift that keeps on giving.

Why am I gushing about a coffee brewing system? Well a lot of us are not going out as much as we used to and coffee is EXPENSIVE. Why pay upwards of $5 for something that can easily be made at home? Now don’t get me wrong, I spend my fair share on coffee as well, but when I’m spending more time at home these days, making coffee in my Toddy just makes sense (especially at the rate I drink it). 

“But Lauren, how is cold brew any different than iced coffee?” Let me tell you! For starters, the name "cold brew" is somewhat misleading because "cold" brew is actually brewed at room temperature. It is brewed anywhere from 10–24 hours, because of this, what you’re actually drinking is a much stronger coffee concentrate that is cut with water. Also, it’s 67% less acidic than regular brewed coffee. That means your coffee won’t develop that nasty burnt aftertaste and it is easier on your stomach & teeth! I’ll choose cold brew over iced coffee any day because it also has slightly more caffeine. Another added benefit of making cold brew at home is, you get to choose your roast/beans. Now you can totally make your cold brew with Folgers, more power to you. Or you can pick up some freshly roasted beans at your favorite local coffee shop.

But WAIT....there's MORE! You guessed it, you can also brew tea concentrate in your Toddy Brewing System. Just make sure to pay special attention to the brewing instructions, as they differ slightly from coffee cold brew.

“But Lauren, you’re a barista….” PLEASE let me stop you right there. Anyone can make this cold brew, it’s that easy, quite literally a fool proof system. If you don’t believe me, watch this video tutorial I made to see how truly simple it is to up your at home coffee game in a matter of minutes!

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Toddy Cold Brew System & Toddy Cold Brew Bundle

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  • Food Scales - These are actually super inexpensive & you get better/more accurate results rather than measuring in cups which can result in incorrect measurements.

           - Amazon Basics Digital Scale (very reasonable beginner scale)

           - Escali Primo Precision Kitchen Food Scale (slightly more expensive scale for the serious foodie)




happy eati--- well happy drinking today!



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