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I'm sure you've all heard of Hot Chocolate Bombs, they were all the trend this holiday season on Tiktok. Well, for New Year's Eve, I thought I'd spike them for a little added fun. And with that, I give you my Boozy New Year's Eve Ball Drop Bombs! These bombs have all the usual favorites of a regular hot chocolate bomb, chocolate, hot cocoa powder, marshmallows and chocolate chips. The kicker to my recipe is the Kahlua! And of course the uber cute added sparkly silver sprinkles to resemble the New Year's Eve Ball in Times Square NYC.

How to Make a Basic Hot Chocolate Bomb (as an Amazon associate, I earn from qualifying purchases)

- So for starters, if you've never made a hot chocolate bomb before, you're going to need a sphere silicone mold. Over the holidays, these were hard to come by. For example, I ordered mine in November, and it didn't show up until right before Christmas. Once you have a mold it's pretty easy from there on out. All you need to do is temper some chocolate or melt some baking chocolate. I say temper the chocolate, because if you are using regular chocolate, you're going to have to temper it so you don't get those unappealing white streaks once the chocolate hardens. 

- Next, melt your chocolate and fill in your mold, painting up the sides with a food safe brush. Make sure to do this two times so the sides of your bomb are solid.

- Then fill with hot cocoa mix, mini chocolate chips and mini marshmallows.

- Heat a small pan so that you can melt the edges of one half of your bomb and stick the two halves together. And that's basically it!


What You'll Need




How to Make a Boozy NYE Ball Drop Bomb (video on my Tiktok)

In order to make your bomb into a boozy ball drop, there are a few added steps.

- Roll your bomb in your melted chocolate and fully cover it.

- Then roll your bomb in silver confetti sprinkles.

- Take a cake pop stick and attach a Platinum Pearl sprinkle to the top with melted chocolate.

- Take your mini pipette and suck up as much Kahlua as possible into it.

- Take something sharp, hot & metal to poke two holes into your bomb. One through the center of one side and one slightly offset. I used the base of a turkey baster that I dipped in hot water, dried off and then poked my holes.

- Insert your cake pop stick in the centered hole and your pipette in the offset hole.

- To drink, place your boozy bomb in a mug, squeeze the booze pipette and pour 1 cup of piping hot milk over your bomb and enjoy!

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