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A cake that is decorated with fondant to look like the head of a panda. On a white marble countertop with a turquoise shell tile background.


You might’ve heard, I had a birthday on Tuesday. I’m a whole quarter of a century now! It wouldn’t be a pandemic without a panda cake, so that is exactly what I made for myself.

Actually, the panda cake had nothing to do with the pandemic, I just really love pandas.

I made marshmallow fondant, because in my opinion, marshmallow fondant tastes much better than other fondants and it’s super easy. You literally only need a bag of mini marshmallows, powdered sugar and water. However, it is super sticky, so if you don’t want it to stick to your hands or your counter top, I would also recommend having some Crisco on hand.



Me holding the panda cake with a "wow" expression. Behind me is a wooden cupboard.


Marshmallow Fondant Tips and Tricks

Once you have made your fondant you can either use it immediately. Or you can wrap it up in plastic wrap for about 3 days. When wrapping it in plastic wrap, I spread some Crisco directly onto the plastic wrap to avoid it getting stuck. You can also color your fondant! I recommend a gel food coloring like Americolor. Other food colorings could cause your fondant to separate. Americolor has a great starter kit with a ton of colors. When coloring your fondant, simply fold and knead your fondant until there are no streaks of color. Then you can roll out your fondant with a rolling pin, just like pie dough. If you are covering a cake, just make sure not to roll it out too thin or you could have tears in your fondant. As you will see in my video of making my panda cake, I rolled out the fondant round and flat. Then I covered it with plastic wrap, rolled it up and then gently unrolled it (with some extra hands) to cover the cake. You can also use this fondant just to mold and make cake toppers. The possibilities are truly endless.


Comment below with any questions!


happy eating!





Easy Marshmallow Fondant


  • One 10 oz bag of mini marshmallows
  • 6 cups of powdered sugar (separated into two large bowls)
  • 3 tablespoons water


  • Pour your mini marshmallows into a large bowl.
  • Pour the 3 Tbsp. of water on top and stir to coat marshmallows.
  • Microwave at 30 second increments, stirring in between until mixture is smooth.
  • Once your 6 cups of sugar are split into two bowls (3 cups in each), take one bowl of powdered sugar and pour the marshmallow mixture over it. Then take the second bowl of powdered sugar and pour it on top of the marshmallow mixture.
  • Stir until it begins to come together.
  • Once your mixture is mostly together. Take a spoonful of Crisco and spread it on your countertop. Then pour out your fondant mixture onto the counter.
  • Work the fondant until it begins to come together, kneading it like dough, folding it and pushing down with the heel of your hand.
  • Then it is ready to use, or you can wrap it up in plastic wrap for about 3 days.


A 5 layer slice of panda chocolate cake with peanut butter and chocolate frosting.

A 5 layer slice of panda chocolate cake with peanut butter and chocolate frosting.

What you'll need
10 oz Mini Marshmallows
Crisco Baking Shortening
Stevie Bench Scraper
Americolor Gel Food Coloring Set
Take a 10 oz bag of mini marshmallows & pour into a large microwave safe bowl.
Pour over 3 Tbsp. of water and stir to coat marshmallows.
Microwave at 30 second increments until smooth & there are no chunks.
Pour mixture over a bowl w/ 3 c. powdered sugar in it, then pour another 3 c. powdered sugar on top.
Stir until it begins to come together.
Grease your countertop & your hands with Crisco to avoid sticking.
Pour fondant onto your surface and knead like dough until it comes together.
Use immediately, or wrap in greased plastic wrap & use within 3 days.
Optional: color your fondant using a food color gel like Americolor.
To cover a cake, roll out your fondant to 1/8 inch thickness.
Using plastic wrap, roll up your fondant. Then unroll over your cake, with the help of a friend.
Decorate to your liking & happy eating! music:
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